Friday, September 11, 2009

Deer in OUR backyard

On this rainy, cool Friday morning, I looked out a window and saw this buck in OUR backyard
I grabbed the only camera at hand with a tele- lens, the Pentax K20D and went to the backyard deck. Managed this one photo before he hopped over the neighbor's fence and in to another backyard. I've seen females and does in our circle before, but not a large buck. My other classic 'close encounter' and photo of an antlered male was at my parents in 2005
a Sigma SD10 photo through the porch glass.

All members of the entire neighborhood herd dine on cracked corn at my parents daily now. Last weekend I took a DP2 photo of 5 which is on flickr... but no antlers...

Deer spotting is routine at their house.

I am reminded of Lydia's phrase last year in Big Meadows after seeing probably a hundred deer ... one becomes "deered out."

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